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In this digitally-driven era, our crowds are no longer looking at traditional newspapers, collecting manual stamps on promotion cards and flipping through the pages of contact listings are almost non-existent. In 2019, out of Singapore’s total population of 5.83 million, 4.92 million of singaporeans are actively using the Internet. A further breakdown of this, to give you more perspective, out of this 4.92 million internet users, 79% of them are active social media users (HootSuite’s report).

Today’s customers are wooed by Google ratings, mobile apps, visual content, social media shares and internet popularity of a business. And this is barely scratching the surface of what Digital Marketing can do.

#1 Building brand loyalty

One of the truest dreams by every SMEs and startup owner is to see their brand as a trending name known throughout the globe. This is where Digital Marketing comes in, to increase the marketing awareness of the brand by getting targeted customers’ attention to the products or services as well as making the name of one’s SME business to get circulated. By having an online prominent presence, SMEs will slowly earn people’s trust, gathering trends and thus creating their brand loyalty. In these tech-savvy days, such brand and marketing awareness can only be achieved by top Google rankings, SEO-optimize website, social media marketing campaigns and posting engaging content.

Consider this scenario: Imagine if a group of potential customers come across your physical business but they are not familiar with your brand or service, they take out their mobile phones to look up the brand and get some reviews however, your brand could not be looked up on Google or any other search engine. And not only that, Google suggests your competitor’s brand instead!

#2: Wider reach of customer base

Of course in a logical sense, you will need to target or go to where you can find most people in order for your marketing to go noticeable. In present days, where can we find most people spending their time at? The following is a fact: Singaporeans spent an average of 7 hours daily on the internet and 2 hours daily on social media. The Internet has been a go-to solutions for almost any questions that we have and in a business’s perspective, this means that our customers also do the same for their needs. So with this knowledge, how can SMEs tap into that customers pool? You guessed it, Digital Marketing. It is basically a very effective method in reaching out to these targeted or potential customers online. Be it reaching to people around your community, or across the globe.

SMEs can design advertisements in Google or Facebook Ads, with a few dollars and selecting the appropriate campaign that is most suitable coupled with a dynamic content strategy and you can reach up from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of potential customers.

#3: Be the competitive edge!

Despite everyday instances of Digital Marketing, most small businesses remained unaware of its potential and are hesitant in investing in it as a part of their marketing strategy. This greatly puts SMEs on the disadvantage side in the competitions. Be the SMEs that stand out, rise above the norms and be in the same league as the big businesses. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend more than your business can afford but a gradual increase of investment in Digital Marketing for your business is better than none at all. How can sales increase if we are not investing in the most effective channel that drives it?

Where to start in Digital Marketing?

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