Video Marketing for SMEs: What is Video Marketing?

If you clicked on this article, you probably know the importance of video marketing and are curious about how you can get started. Video marketing isn’t a new idea but with the rise of social media and the integration of video content on all of our well-known social media platforms, it is no longer something we create for tv but a medium that has to be integrated into our social media marketing strategy.

The definition of video marketing sounds basic – the use of video content to market a product, service, or brand. However, it is more complex than it looks. Video marketing as a medium does so much more. It educates your audience, promotes your brand, and most importantly, engages with your audiences through the different social media platforms used for your digital marketing strategy.

This isn’t just us at Palinoia Marketing telling you that video marketing is important for your social media strategy, our friends over at HubSpot (source: Hubspot Research) found out that 54% of consumers want video content as compared to the other forms of digital content. Apart from giving your consumers what they, video content also helps in your search engine optimisation (SEO). It has been found that Google has been prioritising web pages with video content and pushing them up the search results list. 55% Google keyword searches are video content (Source: tubular insights)


3 easy steps to planning your Video Marketing Strategy

Just like how you should plan a digital and social media strategy, you should plan for your video content strategy before you pick up a camera and start shooting. The first step in any strategy is to identify your objective for the video, which stage of the marketing funnel do you intend to use your video – Awareness, consideration, or Decision. Next, you want to identify the key ideas and creative requirements needed for your video. With those in mind, you are now able to set the timeline and the budget to get you started! If you aren’t sure about the budget, ask around! Agencies such as Palinoia Marketing are more than happy to give you a quote and help you out with your video content strategy.


TLDR; Video content strategy in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Choosing The Correct Video Content

Step 2: Creating your Videos For The Right Moment

Step 3: Creative considerations For Your Video


Choosing the correct video content

Deciding on your video content strategy will determine what type of video you will be creating. That will help you decide on the creative requirements you will need for the video. Depending on the objectives you have set and the platforms you intend on placing your videos, there are many different options for you.


1. Brand videos/ Commercials

You can use this to introduce your company to your audience. Brand videos or commercials highlight your companies, vision, mission, and services/products to the audience. When you are creating a brand video, the objective is to gain awareness. This is why brand videos usually come with a bigger campaign as it helps to further boost awareness. 

You should aim to have this video be impactful and memorable as you want this to leave an impression on your audience. This impact can be created through humor, visuals and relevance to your audience. Palinoia Marketing’s brand video encompasses our values and service. We also made it short but impactful with sound and creatives. (Source: Youtube)


2. Product/service videos

Brand videos are an umbrella video which gives the audience an overview of the company. Product/service videos is where you zoom in and focus on what you can give your audience. You want to showcase the appeal of your product/service and how it can help your audience. These videos are usually very long but if you have multiple products/services you can split them up into many shorter videos especially if it’s going up on social media.

We created a video for epicure showcasing their service which focuses on food. What we did was to appeal to the audience through visual cues by showing them how great the subject matter looks. (Source: Youtube )


3. Social Video Content

Social video content are videos you have created for your social media platform. These social video content has to support your social media objectives as well. As these are for your social media platforms, you will have to keep them short and engaging. These videos can be created solely for social media or might have come from your other digital videos which you then have edited down to be shorter. A few examples would be Tasty’s and Reebok’s videos. Buzzfeed showcases quick and easy to follow recipes that have been cut down to less than a minute (Source: Tasty). Reebok’s video is slightly longer than a minute but uses upbeat music and a quick change of frames in the to hold attention (Source: Youtube).


4. Educational

An educational video is something you put out to give your audience valuable information on how they can use the product or service. This can be done to teach them new things or to provide a deeper explanation of how your offering solves their problems. As this is educational, the video can run longer and go up to 2-3 minutes.  This video on Herbalife is a great example of an educational video. It showcases the product, what can be done with it and the benefits (source: Youtube ). You want to stay vigilant that for any education video you put out, the audience is able to understand the information you are providing.


5. Customer testimonial 

When you are using customer testimonials for your video content, you are helping to build credibility. This would be the strongest in nurturing conversions as it showcases your satisfied customers. Depending on the quality of the testimonial, you can have your videos ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. You can also combine 30 seconds testimonials and create a 2-minute video from it. Codecademy has done a great job of sharing a customer testimonial and cutting it down to less than a minute. They used the voice of a customer to share the ease of using their service. This customer also functions as a success story that Codecademy’s audience can strive to be like (Source: Youtube).


Creating Your Videos For The Right Moment

When you decide to create a video and put it up on your platforms, deciding when to put it up isn’t the only important thing. A video isn’t like an image, it is a piece of content that will require your audience’s attention for a period of time. This means you will have to decide what type of video is appropriate for the time you have chosen. To make this easy to understand, our friends over at Facebook (Source: Taboola ) have broken these time periods of engagement into 3 segments – on the go, lean forward and lean back. As 80% of Singaporeans (Source: MediaOne marketing ) are active social media mobile users, the 70:20:10 rule created by Facebook can be applied to them. 

On the go (70%): This period of time accounts for 70% of our mobile usage. Being on the go covers us traveling from one destination to another or being in the midst of an activity. All of us have experience scrolling through our mobile devices while being on the go. As you know, while being in this state, our attention spans are shorter and would spend a very short period of time on a video. These on the go times are usually when we are traveling to work or coming home from work. Therefore if you choose to post a video during this time, think about how you can cut it short.

Lean forward (20%): This accounts for 20% of our time. We are most like to be “leaning forward” during our lunch breaks or coffee breaks – between 12pm to 2pm. During this period of time, we are slightly more engaged and would dedicate more time to content that interests us. This will cause us to like, tap, or swipe. When you post a video during this time, you want your video to last for an estimated time of 30 seconds.

Lean back (10%): This accounts for 10% of our time. For instance, it would be when we are scrolling around on our phone right before we go to bed. This period of time accounts for the highest engagement period. Your audience would be more likely to spend a long period of time reading or watching videos. This is when you should release long-span videos with more information.


Creative considerations for your video

Think you’re ready to go out and start on your video content production? Not just yet!! Here are some creative considerations to include when creating your video:

Capture attention quickly

Just like designing for an image, you want to ensure the first frame of your video catches the attention of your audience. Also, you want to put the main message of your video at the very beginning. This is because there is no guarantee your audience is going to stay until the end especially if it’s a longer video.

Design for sound off

When watching a video especially while on-the-go, many of us tend to watch it without the sound. This is why you should create your video to be easily understood even without the sound or include subtitles! Let’s use Apple’s Homepod advertisement as an example. They created this video to showcase the bass power of the Homepod. Instead of talking about it, they used visuals to show the impact of the bass (Source: Youtube)

Create visual language

This supports the previously mentioned point. You want your video to be more visual than audio. This keeps it engaging and boosts the creative element in your videos as well. Take a look at Apple’s commercial that doesn’t use much audio but includes words in their video to fulfill their objective (Source: Youtube)


There you have it! The introduction to creating video content for your digital or social media platforms. You may know the importance of creating video content but now you are equipped with the knowledge to start planning your video content strategy. You can also start deciding on the types of videos you want to create and how to make it more engaging. Having a good idea of when to post your video would also help you capture the type of engagement you are looking for. Palinoia Marketing is experienced in creating different types of videos for our clients, check out our portfolio of videos for further inspiration (source: Youtube). You can reach out to us for further support in creating or planning your video strategy.


Article by Faith Ira

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