Video Marketing for SMEs

Video Marketing is not new. Before the internet, video marketing existed in the form of television commercials. Today, the concept is digital. As such, several brands realise the power of video marketing.

Video marketing is not only more engaging than other types of media. In fact, social media platforms like Facebook and Youtube are great for videos! Posting a video advertisement on these platforms will get you better engagement. In addition, it brings better brand recognition and a higher chance for lead generation.

SME Digital Marketing Singapore

Our Video Marketing Strategy
Our strategy is based on creating videos for former clients. Our process involves pre-production, production and post-production stages. As such, this makes it easy to produce high-quality videos.

Objectives and Requirements Gathering

Like any other project, the first step we undertake is gathering the requirements of the video and setting its objectives.

Script Planning and Storyboard

Based on the objectives and requirements, it will guide us to plan the script and storyboard.


Whether it is an animated video or live-action, the actual filming and creating takes place here

Post Production

This is the icing to the cake. After the filming, we will edit the video to make it engaging and entertaining. Similarly, we make sure it meets the requirements set previously. After the post-production, the video is ready to go live

Palinoia Marketing Branding Video

Our Past Clients

The aim is to be a B2B influencer. Therefore, this client ventured onto social media.

As a result, the video had to be concise yet engaging. Hence, the pace of this video is quick. However, the brand message remains clear.

Our Video Marketing Strategy

Working alongside a video production agency, a brand guide and corporate branding identity were produced. Additionally, a team of producers and creatives were needed. This is to add personality and create the video according to the client’s style.

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