Improve Brand Awareness with Social Media Marketing

The rise of Social Media Platforms has connected brands to a global audience. As such, more companies are realising the potential of social media. As such, it is now common to see Social Media Marketing included as part of a marketing strategy. Therefore, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) should not be an exception.

According to a recent survey, 92% of small business owners and marketers find Social Media Marketing essential. Additionally, 77% of respondents noticed a significant increase in traffic from social referrals.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Today, many corporations are making use of social media marketing due to its benefits. Thus, we believe that it is much more important for SMEs to follow suit.  We say that “the best time to start a social media page was yesterday. The second best time is today.”

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Process
All in all, our process highlights our commitment in helping clients achieve new levels of growth. We leverage on social media audits, content creation, optimisation and tracking key metrics. As a result, we improve brand awareness and generate new leads. Check out our achievements here.

Social Media Audit

The Social Media Audit aims to analyse our client's current social media presence and ad campaigns. This will help us to identify gaps and areas to improve digitally.

Social Media Strategy

Based on the audit findings and goals highlighted by our client, we craft out a social media strategy maximising reach and conversions.

Social Media Calendar and Content Creation

Through meticulous planning, we plan a content calendar in line with our client's brand. This could be blogs, infographics, videos and more. Here is where we reach out to the brand's intended audience. Thus, increasing brand awareness and generating leads.

Social Media Monitoring & Optimisation

Based on the audit findings, we implement the proposed changes to optimise our client's social media accounts. Similarly, we also monitor the performance of the content posted.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting helps to measure our progress. Furthermore, it can tell us if we are heading towards our marketing objectives and goals. Here, we provide suggestions to further refine or test our social media marketing efforts.

Social Media Account Management

There are no shortcuts in doing well on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Therefore, social media is about having quality and quantity. Value-adding content is key to driving engagement and follower base.

Moreover, we take the hassle away from clients. Using a personalised social media strategy, we can drive traffic and outreach.

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Social Media Advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram

In order to create an effective advertising campaign, there are 2 objectives to achieve:

  1. Reaching out to the correct target audience
  2. Optimising the ad to the lowest cost per metric possible

With our client’s requirements, our ads are optimised to attain these objectives. For more information on how we work, contact our consultants here.

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