Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for SMEs

What is the differences between Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)? Can the same website do both at the same time?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to putting ads to rank up on google inorganically. This might sound easier than Search Engine Optimisation. However, the key is being able to identity quality leads. This requires lots of planning, analysis and relevant ads setting to outrank competitors.

With our experience and expertise, soar above competitor’s ads and rank #1 in google.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Our Search Engine Marketing Process
As the name PPC suggest, clients pay only when there are clicks. This makes it an efficient way to determine the cost per click budget. 

A planned and executed strategy helps clients to attain a competitive advantage through Search Engine Marketing. In order for a PPC ad to perform well, an understanding of the business is first needed. Subsequently, it is followed by keyword research, strategising, ad implementation and monitoring with analytics. As such, being able to capture our client’s target audience effectively.

Industrial & Business Understanding

Having open and clear communication with the client enables us to dive deeper into what the industry's marketing structure is. As a result, making it easy to determine what kind of Search Engine Marketing strategy the business needs in order to stand out against its competition.

Keyword Research

By quantifying the amount of search volume and competition rate for possible SEM Keywords, we can gain insights on the expected traffic and difficulty involved with certain keywords.

SEM Strategy Planning

This is where we determine which SEM keywords to implement as well as all strategising on the steps to take in order for the Search Engine Marketing Campaign to be effective

Ad Implementation

Once we have finalised on the SEM strategy, we will implement the ads based on our keyword research

Key Data Reporting and Analytics

Reporting keeps us on track on how the Search Engine Marketing campaigns are performing. Over here, we analyse the data and provide feedback on how it can perform better
Our Services: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Appear at the top of google searches with Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Formula for an ad ranking is:

(Ad Quality X Budget)

With a well-planned ad, our clients have won competitors with higher budget. This process is known as Ad optimising. It refers to frequent monitoring and improvement based on result and proven data.

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