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5 Things to Look For When Choosing an Automotive Digital Marketing Agency

What are the 5 Things to Look For When Choosing an Automotive Digital Marketing Agency? Well,  the marketing industry has been around for decades. However, we can truly trace its beginnings to the 20th century when it was taught as a subject in universities. 

Today, digital marketing is the talk of the town. It involves the use of online resources to advertise a product or a service. Naturally, digital marketing has been adopted by the automotive industry as various dealers, importers, workshops and many more try to expand their customer base. 

An automotive digital marketing agency can help your automobile business reach new heights. Be it through more customers, larger outreach or more site impressions based on your objectives.

But the question is how do we choose the best automotive marketing company?’

In this article, we will share 5 things to look for in an automotive digital marketing agency.

  1. Type of Agency

There is a dilemma choosing between a digital marketing agency with experience in various industries vs a digital marketing agency specialised in the automotive industry.

We suggest selecting the one that suits your automotive business needs the best. For instance, a generic digital marketing agency might only focus on website development. Furthermore, they might not be well versed in the automotive industry.

Due to their industry knowledge, automotive digital marketing agencies like Palinoia Marketing have an edge. They tend to understand your business better and can recommend feasible solutions. Therefore, you need a comprehensive digital agency that acts as a one-stop-shop for all your automotive digital marketing needs.

2. Coverage

You would want to select a digital agency that is relevant to your target market. For instance, if your target market consists of wealthy individuals seeking luxury vehicles, then the chosen agency must know how to reach them. Similarly, you would not want to spend money on an agency that covers only the local market when you want to reach a global audience.

The best automotive digital marketing agency will attract the most relevant audience and increase your customer base as a result!

3. Automotive Experience

There are countless digital marketing companies who will do the job for your automotive business. However, you should look for an agency that has relevant experience in the automotive field. A digital marketing agency like Palinoia Marketing is familiar with the automotive industry. As such, the right agency will not only add value to your business’s marketing campaign but also help you make the most out of your investment.

4. Agency Reviews

The good thing about the Internet Age is the concept of reviews and ratings. If you want to find out more about a company regarding how good they are at their job or how they deal with their customers, you should look at its reviews and testimonials online. If the automotive digital marketing agency does a good job, its ratings will give you a hint about what to expect.

Some people abuse this system, but fake reviews and personal vendettas are usually shut down by other loyal clients who are quick to defend their favourite agency. Therefore, search for positive reviews online, ask around about the digital marketing agency in your friend circle, and then make the final decision.

5. Contact Frequency

When you hire an automotive digital marketing agency, you are handing over your company’s image to them. The agency manages your online image and your company’s digital marketing strategy. Therefore, you should discuss the number of times you can expect a meeting with your marketing agency. Does once a week sound suitable, or do you want to meet twice a week or maybe once a month? It all depends on your goals and the amount of investment you make in the digital marketing agency. 


The competition is tough out there and to succeed in such a challenging environment, your automotive business needs a digital marketing agency that understands your needs and concerns. Need help in marketing your automobile company in Singapore? Talk to us here.

Where to start in Digital Marketing?

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5 Digital Marketing Tips for Business during covid-19

The current global pandemic, COVID-19, has shaken many businesses – big and small. Due to the coronavirus, many businesses are forced to cease all operations or to rethink current business strategies to stay afloat in this current situation. The ones remaining however, are rushing to get online to remain connected with customers. 

It may seem scary especially as a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) when you are forced to rethink how you can market and reach your audience now that you can no longer see them physically. Don’t fret though, Palinoia Marketing is here to share 5 digital marketing tips for businesses during COVID-19 and on on how you can digitalise your marketing to reach your audience while working from home!

Digital Marketing Tip 1: Post Regularly on Social Media 

From the start of the Circuit Breaker, all of us in Singapore have transitioned our daily activities outside of the home to the online platform. This has resulted in a 60% increase in internet usage as of 30th May 2020 (source: Channel News Asia). Furthermore, this “new normal” includes us performing more of our daily activities online and through social media. 

There are two ways you can look at this change – it could be detrimental to your business, or it could be a push to modernise and improve your marketing strategies. You should be seeing this from the latter perspective as it is an opportunity to move forward!

With your current and potential customers now spending more time online, it is important for you to start posting and sharing content regularly. Don’t worry about “spamming” or “annoying” your followers. The reason why you should be delivering regular content is that the average Singaporean is exposed to more than 3,000 advertising messages a day and would only notice 200 of those messages (source: Singapore Tourism Board).

Obviously, your content should be relevant, of good quality and with a clear objective. Choosing your time of posting is important as well. Instead of posting during the peak hour, try posting during the off-peak hour where there is less “competition” and see how the results play out. You want your digital marketing content to be one of those advertisements that they notice and regular exposure is the way you can get them to notice you. 

Digital Marketing Tip 2: Be Authentic and Share The Struggle of Running a Business Amid Covid-19

Digital marketing tip number 2 for businesses amid COVID 19 – Everyone around you, are facing setbacks. To humanise your brand and build trust, you should consider sharing some of the challenges that your business could be facing in this situation. With sharing your challenges you want to assure your followers that you have steps to overcome those challenges. 

Depending on what this challenge is, you can share it on one or all of your social media accounts. Whichever way you decide to do this, you want to keep it in line with the tone of voice and objective of the platforms you are using. One example of the many companies that have done is Airbnb.

By now, we are all aware that companies were forced to lean out their organisation. That includes firing a large number of their staff. Airbnb faced this challenge as well, but they didn’t do it quietly. They didn’t show how to overcome this challenge- as the only way to overcome it is for the economy to pick up. Instead, they focused on how to help their recently retrenched staff overcome the loss of a job.


Airbnb’s message to its employees regarding retrenchments due to Covid-19 (Source: Airbnb)

Digital Marketing Tip 3: Showing Empathy and Support To The Community

Bigger companies are doing what they can and supporting the community around them. However, as SME business owners, it may be harder to do so, although you may probably want to. Taking Airbnb as an example again, they used their network of hosts to support frontline workers.


Airbnb paying tribute to its hosts and essential workers during the crisis (Source: Airbnb)


They are also helping customers by changing their booking/cancellation policies. You may not be able to support the whole community but you can still support your customers. This is a simple step you can include to boost your brand and to show your support.

Digital Marketing Tip 4: Focus on Customer Retention

Apart from helping the community and customers, you can digitalise your SME business. This will support your digital lead generation strategies. Such services could be your core, augmented or actual service. Depending your business, it could be consultations or free webinars. 

For example, financial service consultants are relying on online meetups with their clients. Retailers are also giving virtual tours of their products and services as seen in the example below:


Article on how businesses in Singapore can remain relevant during Covid-19 (Source: ChannelNewsAsia)


Apart from lead generation, you can continue to focus on your current customers. This is because it is less costly than acquiring new ones. Customer retention is much cheaper as less resources are required for you to bring them through the sales funnel.

Actions you can take to support your customer retention marketing strategies is through email marketing or video community meetups.

Digital Marketing Tip 5: Adjust Digital Marketing Strategies To Suit The New Normal

As mentioned at the beginning, this “new normal” is an opportunity to assess your SME business and marketing strategies. Take this time and your regular posting schedule to experiment with your content – creative or copy. By experimenting, you can use this to analyse your target market’s online behaviour through their engagement across different platforms. 

You can also use this time to include video marketing, which can be done on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram. You can include animated, live videos, or edited videos. Don’t forget to link these videos to your website to channel traffic there as well. 

With a possible increase in traffic to your website, you will want to take this time to update your website design. You can scout for corporate design services or try it out on your own. As many businesses are trying to stay afloat, partnerships would be a great help. Take a look at how all the bubble tea stores partnered with restaurants to ensure they continued generating income. Look at businesses that could complement your SME business and see how you can work in a partnership. 

Adjusting your marketing strategies can be scary as there are a lot of factors in play. There are many digital marketing services out there to provide consultations or carry out the strategies for you. Look for boutique agencies or online agencies that charge a low fee or provide a trial period. Palinoia Marketing is able to support you in adjusting your digital marketing strategies. We provide SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, content creation, and website development services (Source: Palinoia Marketing)

Article contributed by Faith Ira

Where to start in Digital Marketing?

We, at Palinoia Marketing believe in empowering companies and helping companies to grow using top-notch Digital Marketing strategies. Want to know more strategies and ways your business can improve? We provide market analysis report for your SMEs free of charge! Reach out to us at and follow us on LinkedIn / Telegram. Our friendly consultants will be more than willing to help you out!

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Digital Marketing Terms You Must Know: What Consists of Digital Marketing?

In this modern day, a successful marketing strategy will require the use of digital marketing. Traditional marketing on its own will not cut it anymore. Traditional marketing refers to any marketing that is not done online. Digital marketing on the other hand covers search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and websites. Before delving into how to create good digital marketing campaigns, let us break down the digital marketing terms above.

Search Engine 

You may have great content, interesting titles, and wonderful graphics but you need to let Google know you have these. You can do this through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEM is done through paid advertisements, while SEO is an organic search method.

Search Engine Marketing

     Paid Search is another digital marketing strategy you should be using to get consumers onto your website. This is done in a pay-per-click (PPC) method that puts your website as an advertisement at the top of the search results list. By doing so, it ensures that whoever has entered a search query with specific keywords matching yours would see your paid search advertisement. What makes this pay-per-click method even better is that as the term states, you pay each time someone clicks on your link. 

Where does your paid search ads appear? It can appear on google search by appearing at the top or bottom of search results. It can also appear on websites that your customers visit listed on the Google Display Network. These includes Youtube and Blogger. (Source: Google).

Sem ad example -palinoia marketing


In the case of the ad above, Kate Spade used google ads and included site links which allowed users to jump to different parts of the website. This is a method you can use to pull customers to specific categories, especially if there is a sale or a new product you want to make known to consumers.

Search Engine Optimisation

Moz guide to SEO-Palinoia Marketing


Search engines are platforms such as Google and Yahoo – although Google is the go to option for 90% of the world (Source: Internet health report). A digital marketing strategy for this would be Search Engine Optimisation or SEO in short. Having a well-designed SEO strategy ensures that you get the most amount of traffic through the search engine. 

There are a few ways you can do that; which is to categorise as on-page optimisation and off-page optimisation. On-page optimisation are the actions taken directly on your page and the content produced. Off-page optimisation are actions that happen off your website that could direct traffic to your website.


On Page Optimisation

There is something that Google does called “crawling”. Crawlers scour the internet looking at content. Once that content is found, it stores information in an index which is a gigantic storage space for content found on the internet. After a user enters a search query, Google starts ranking your content based on its relevance to what has been searched. 

There are a few elements on your page that you can control to ensure that Google will have an easier time crawling and would determine your page as well optimised.

The factors you can control on your page would be:

  • Meta-data: This includes the title, description, heading/sub-heading and title of the images you are including in your content.
  • Well written content: You can keep this optimised by keeping your keywords up-to-date through keyword research using Google Analytics and Google Trends
  • Social Sharing options: When you include options to share your content across social media, it increases visibility which in turn will support off-page SEO as there will be links drawn to it.

Off Page Optimisation

  • Link building: The more quality links, the better your search ranking. The term used for this is “backlinks”. When you build strong backlinks to other websites and have links leading back to you, it builds up your domain authority. 
  • Social Sharing: This combines the idea of link building and social sharing options. When you share your website or content across other social media platforms, you increase the number of links leading to your website. It would be even better if other platforms share your link on their website, as once again – will lead to a higher domain authority

Social Media

With more than 3.8 billion people on social media, companies are rushing in to figure out how they can stand out (Source: We are social). Social media is a popular digital marketing term we often hear. At the same time, social media agencies for start-ups and SMEs have been popping up over the years, and for good reason too! On the other hand, social media can be a different world from traditional marketing, with the high level of consumer interaction being a significant difference. Marketing strategies must be tweaked to include video marketing, lead generation and the short attention span of consumers. Furthermore, companies have a new tool which is influencer marketing to further extend their branding.

A key to ensure you actively engage and maintain your consumers attention is a content calendar. When structuring your content calendar, you should indicate the frequency you will post on your platforms and a topics to focus on. 

The best thing about social media is that you can introduce advertisements to bring your consumers through the social media sales funnel using different types of advertisement campaigns. When setting up your advertisement campaign using Facebook Ad Manager, you are able to choose the objectives of your campaigns and the money you spend will be used to meet those objectives. 

set objective on facebook

Social Media channels like Facebook allows you to set an objective for your campaign

Setting Objectives for Social Media Ads

Below are the different campaigns you could run at different stages of the social media sales funnel. If done correctly, you could end up with a community of loyal customers!

  • Awareness: Creating awareness is when you inform social media users of your brand and letting them know that you are out there. You can target demographics within your target audience as well as the lifestyles of your target audience.
  • Consideration: Let’s say you’ve got a healthy following and now you want your followers to purchase your service/product. This is when you share more details on your social media copy or in your creative. Most importantly, this is where you retarget users who have visited your website or have interacted with your content. 
  • Action: The success of your awareness and consideration campaigns would lead followers to this stage of the sales funnel. They will feel convinced to purchase your product/service. At this stage, you could offer incentives such as discounts to followers who have viewed your previous ads. This will work as that push that is needed to get them to purchase.
  • Engagement: Now that you have successfully converted your follower into a customer, you don’t want to end it there. Continue to follow up with them and target advertisements that are in the same category or complement their purchase.
  • Advocacy: Turning customers into advocates would be the biggest success story for your campaigns. Brand advocacy can be done through reviews or testimonials, it also adds to the credibility of your brand. You could use this to build on your customer base. Or, use these testimonials for your next retargeting campaign.

Email Marketing

Similar to social media marketing, email marketing is a good way to communicate directly with your clients. This is an underrated tool that you should add into your marketing strategy. Why? It is the most effective way to generate leads and turn them into customers. According to Optimonster, email’s click through rate compared to social media’s engagement rate is 3.71% to 0.58%! (Source: Optimonster). Email Marketing can also be used to support your social media sales funnel. This is especially during “Consideration” campaigns and follow-up campaigns to keep your customers engaged with your business. 

email marketing stats-palinoia marketing


We got the basics covered! Now you have a clear understanding of the different pillars of social marketing and a good introduction of what can be done to support your digital marketing strategies.      

With all these new Social Media and Search Engine tips that you have learned today, you’re ready to optimise your current digital marketing strategy. Still not sure how to navigate the digital marketing world? No worries! Palinoia Marketing has your back and ready to help you out by providing our digital marketing services. Check out our services here!



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5 Must Read Books for Digital Marketing

Interested in digital marketing or are currently a digital marketer yourself? Whether you are new to the world of marketing or have been in industry long enough, we have 5 must read books for all you folks keen on digital marketing. These 5 books are not just great for your marketing domain, but also for your business domain. So if you are an entrepreneur of sorts, this article is for you too. For each of our book recommendations, we provided a reason why you should read it. Some of these books are our personal favourites too. So without further ado, let us get into it!


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Who to Hire? Digital Marketing Agency vs Digital Marketing Executive/Manager

Should I approach a digital marketing agency, or should I hire a Digital Marketing Executive/Manager instead? Many companies in Singapore SME face this dilemma and it’s always talked about. Clearly, there are pros and cons for each option. In this article, we will go through the advantages and disadvantages for hiring a Digital Marketing Employee vs Digital Marketing agency. This will essentially equip you with the information needed on whether to go with an in-house marketing team or agency.

Guiding Questions

Before we start, these are a few questions for you to ponder upon. 


  • What is the issue you are trying to solve?
  • What are some of the most important rules and regulations? (e.g. does the employee/agency need to be situated at the office)
  • How high should the skill level of the employee/agency be?
  • What are the deliverables that you need from the employee/agency?
  • What is the budget for hiring?
  • Does the task require a long term or short term commitment?

The Advantages of hiring a Digital Marketing Manager

First of all, let us talk more about the job and role of a digital marketing manager. What does a digital marketing manager do? A digital marketing manager is responsible for the marketing campaigns with regards to a company’s product and services. The digital marketing manager manages, implements, tracks and develops current and future marketing campaigns. 

Digital Marketing Agency vs Manager

Having an in-house digital marketing manager and team has its own advantages. Firstly, your employees would be more knowledgeable about the way you run your business. Additionally, they can also give more attention and be more committed to the projects at your SME. As such, allowing you to get things done quickly. Lastly, as the owner/manager of the SME, you have more control on the marketing campaign’s budget and strategies, making it more in line to the company’s goals and objectives.

The Disadvantages of hiring a Digital Marketing Manager

Though there are several advantages of hiring an in-house team of digital marketing managers and specialists, it is equally important to consider the disadvantages as well. The primary disadvantage of hiring a digital marketing manager (and team) is the cost. As you are hiring them as full time employees, you would have to pay them attractive salaries to keep them on board. According to Glassdoor, An SME in Singapore could expect to pay about $4500 in Singapore Dollars each month for a Digital Marketing Manager. This excludes the cost of hiring the rest of the in house marketing team, purchasing tools and applications to support the marketing campaigns etc.  Another disadvantage is the time and effort needed to train and keep the skills of employees up to date.

The Advantages of hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Now that you have read about the advantages and disadvantages of hiring an in-house digital marketing manager, let us introduce you to digital marketing agencies. Digital Marketing agencies are specialists that have the experience of working on several projects with clients from various industries. Give them a budget and your requirements and that is it. Let them do the work for you. The primary benefit here is the convenience and the fact that you do not have to worry about the quality of work because the people working on it are specialists in the digital marketing field. Essentially, allowing you as the business/SME owner to focus on other aspects. Not only that, working with a Digital Marketing agency means that you can also save on expenses related to salaries and training. 

The Disadvantages of hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Generally, for someone who runs an SME, the disadvantages of hiring a digital marketing agency is that he or she would not enjoy much control with regards to the strategy, planning and the overall creative direction. Moreover, some business owners might feel that the agency does not understand their business nor their products and services well enough.


However, an important pointer to note when collaborating with agencies is understanding how the working relation turns out. For example, at Palinoia Marketing, we seek to understand the business of our clients and their expectations before embarking on a partnership together. Moreover, we involve our partnering SME in the decision making process as ultimately, the campaigns we implement are for their benefit.

So should I go for a Digital Marketing Agency or hire a manager?

Digital Marketing Agency vs Manager

Now that we have addressed both sides of the argument, which one should you go for? The answer depends. If you are an SME that is small and still growing, perhaps a more prudent choice would be to work with a digital marketing agency. This would allow your SME to save time and costs of hiring and training an in-house team of digital marketers. On the other hand, if your business is large and you have the means to hire a digital marketing manager, go for it. However, if you find yourself in situations where you are spending more time and effort in managing instead of getting results, an agency with a team of experts would be the ideal solution.


This is a post by Palinoia Marketing, a digital marketing agency for Singapore based SMEs. If you enjoyed reading this article and want to know more about it, we can help to grow your business, feel free to contact us.

Where to start in Digital Marketing?

We, at Palinoia Marketing believe in empowering companies and helping companies to grow using top-notch Digital Marketing strategies. Want to know more strategies and ways your business can improve? We provide market analysis report for your SMEs free of charge! Reach out to us at and follow us on LinkedIn / Telegram. Our friendly consultants will be more than willing to help you out!

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