5 Digital Marketing Tips for Business during covid-19

The current global pandemic, COVID-19, has shaken many businesses – big and small. Due to the coronavirus, many businesses are forced to cease all operations or to rethink current business strategies to stay afloat in this current situation. The ones remaining however, are rushing to get online to remain connected with customers. 

It may seem scary especially as a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) when you are forced to rethink how you can market and reach your audience now that you can no longer see them physically. Don’t fret though, Palinoia Marketing is here to share 5 digital marketing tips for businesses during COVID-19 and on on how you can digitalise your marketing to reach your audience while working from home!

Digital Marketing Tip 1: Post Regularly on Social Media 

From the start of the Circuit Breaker, all of us in Singapore have transitioned our daily activities outside of the home to the online platform. This has resulted in a 60% increase in internet usage as of 30th May 2020 (source: Channel News Asia). Furthermore, this “new normal” includes us performing more of our daily activities online and through social media. 

There are two ways you can look at this change – it could be detrimental to your business, or it could be a push to modernise and improve your marketing strategies. You should be seeing this from the latter perspective as it is an opportunity to move forward!

With your current and potential customers now spending more time online, it is important for you to start posting and sharing content regularly. Don’t worry about “spamming” or “annoying” your followers. The reason why you should be delivering regular content is that the average Singaporean is exposed to more than 3,000 advertising messages a day and would only notice 200 of those messages (source: Singapore Tourism Board).

Obviously, your content should be relevant, of good quality and with a clear objective. Choosing your time of posting is important as well. Instead of posting during the peak hour, try posting during the off-peak hour where there is less “competition” and see how the results play out. You want your digital marketing content to be one of those advertisements that they notice and regular exposure is the way you can get them to notice you. 

Digital Marketing Tip 2: Be Authentic and Share The Struggle of Running a Business Amid Covid-19

Digital marketing tip number 2 for businesses amid COVID 19 – Everyone around you, are facing setbacks. To humanise your brand and build trust, you should consider sharing some of the challenges that your business could be facing in this situation. With sharing your challenges you want to assure your followers that you have steps to overcome those challenges. 

Depending on what this challenge is, you can share it on one or all of your social media accounts. Whichever way you decide to do this, you want to keep it in line with the tone of voice and objective of the platforms you are using. One example of the many companies that have done is Airbnb.

By now, we are all aware that companies were forced to lean out their organisation. That includes firing a large number of their staff. Airbnb faced this challenge as well, but they didn’t do it quietly. They didn’t show how to overcome this challenge- as the only way to overcome it is for the economy to pick up. Instead, they focused on how to help their recently retrenched staff overcome the loss of a job.


Airbnb’s message to its employees regarding retrenchments due to Covid-19 (Source: Airbnb)

Digital Marketing Tip 3: Showing Empathy and Support To The Community

Bigger companies are doing what they can and supporting the community around them. However, as SME business owners, it may be harder to do so, although you may probably want to. Taking Airbnb as an example again, they used their network of hosts to support frontline workers.


Airbnb paying tribute to its hosts and essential workers during the crisis (Source: Airbnb)


They are also helping customers by changing their booking/cancellation policies. You may not be able to support the whole community but you can still support your customers. This is a simple step you can include to boost your brand and to show your support.

Digital Marketing Tip 4: Focus on Customer Retention

Apart from helping the community and customers, you can digitalise your SME business. This will support your digital lead generation strategies. Such services could be your core, augmented or actual service. Depending your business, it could be consultations or free webinars. 

For example, financial service consultants are relying on online meetups with their clients. Retailers are also giving virtual tours of their products and services as seen in the example below:


Article on how businesses in Singapore can remain relevant during Covid-19 (Source: ChannelNewsAsia)


Apart from lead generation, you can continue to focus on your current customers. This is because it is less costly than acquiring new ones. Customer retention is much cheaper as less resources are required for you to bring them through the sales funnel.

Actions you can take to support your customer retention marketing strategies is through email marketing or video community meetups.

Digital Marketing Tip 5: Adjust Digital Marketing Strategies To Suit The New Normal

As mentioned at the beginning, this “new normal” is an opportunity to assess your SME business and marketing strategies. Take this time and your regular posting schedule to experiment with your content – creative or copy. By experimenting, you can use this to analyse your target market’s online behaviour through their engagement across different platforms. 

You can also use this time to include video marketing, which can be done on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram. You can include animated, live videos, or edited videos. Don’t forget to link these videos to your website to channel traffic there as well. 

With a possible increase in traffic to your website, you will want to take this time to update your website design. You can scout for corporate design services or try it out on your own. As many businesses are trying to stay afloat, partnerships would be a great help. Take a look at how all the bubble tea stores partnered with restaurants to ensure they continued generating income. Look at businesses that could complement your SME business and see how you can work in a partnership. 

Adjusting your marketing strategies can be scary as there are a lot of factors in play. There are many digital marketing services out there to provide consultations or carry out the strategies for you. Look for boutique agencies or online agencies that charge a low fee or provide a trial period. Palinoia Marketing is able to support you in adjusting your digital marketing strategies. We provide SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, content creation, and website development services (Source: Palinoia Marketing)

Article contributed by Faith Ira

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