5 Must Read Books for Digital Marketing

Interested in digital marketing or are currently a digital marketer yourself? Whether you are new to the world of marketing or have been in industry long enough, we have 5 must read books for all you folks keen on digital marketing. These 5 books are not just great for your marketing domain, but also for your business domain. So if you are an entrepreneur of sorts, this article is for you too. For each of our book recommendations, we provided a reason why you should read it. Some of these books are our personal favourites too. So without further ado, let us get into it!

Palinoia Marketing Pro Tip: When reading a book, have a notebook and pen with you to take down notes. Unless you are the kind who likes to scribble on the book itself, a good way to retain information is to make notes out of it. 


5 Must Read Book For Digital Marketing

Book 1: All Marketers are Liars by Seth Godin

5 Must read books for digital marketing

What It Is About: Notice the book cover and you see the words ‘Tell Stories’ being written over ‘Liars’. The author Seth Godin debunks an age old claim. Which is in order for a marketer to sell a product, he should not lie about it. Instead he should create a story. After all, stories are what sells. Forget the features but find a group of people (your target market) that you can sell them to. Another important point which the author makes is that people’s opinions, beliefs and worldviews have already been shaped. It is difficult to change them. What you can do as a marketer is to create a story that is congruent with their worldview. 

Why You Should Read It: A personal favourite, the book talks about the kind of mindset modern marketers need to have. As we live in the digital age, information is everywhere but stories engage people. Overall, this book is an easy read. It is important for marketers to understand this mindset before reaching out their target market. 


Book 2: Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger

5 Must read books for digital marketing

What It Is About: Virality is an area many marketers and brands want. Ever wondered how those cat videos became so viral? The author Jonah Berger who is a Professor, breaks down 6 major factors that need to work together in order for a marketing campaign to be successfully contagious. Meaning, what makes someone in your target market wanting to talk about your brand with his friends and family? A perfect blend of social currencies, triggers, emotions, value wrapped in stories that are out there for the world to see are needed. 

Why You Should Read It: Virality is hard to achieve, and many experts have been trying to construct a theory as to how something becomes viral. This book deconstructs virality, contagious ideas and the points being mentioned are definitely worth taking notes!


Book 3: Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products by Nir Eyal

5 Must read books for digital marketing

What It Is About: Products. What makes some products so easy, attractive and captivating for us to use while others do not? How do products in the digital age manage to grab our attention and make use feel hooked? The author Nir Eyal explains this phenomenon with the 4-step Hook Model used to encourage consumer behaviour. This model is used to bring back customers back to the business without ever needing to spend so much time and money on advertising costs again and again.

Why You Should Read It: As a marketer, knowing how your product can impact the way your customer behaves is a huge advantage. Understanding the psychology being your product would be of great help to not only build better products, but to also build loyalty with your customer base. If you are a brand with a great product but with little to no sales, perhaps this is a book you could look into.


Book 4: Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Die and Others Survive by Chip Heath & Dan Heath

5 Must read books for digital marketing

What It Is About: Some ideas like conspiracy theories, fake news and celebrity rumours stick more in people’s minds than other ideas provided by a politician or a journalist. As such, this is simply a book on how some ideas, marketing campaigns and stories are more memorable than others. The authors of this book apply the human scale principle, using the Velcro Theory of Memory, and creating curiosity gaps. With the aid of several case studies, you will realise that memorable messages or marketing campaigns are all attributable to six factors. 

Why You Should Read It:  As marketers, we often focus on sending out a message. To communicate effectively is highly critical for a successful marketing campaign. Reading this book will equip you with the skills needed on how you can communicate your ideas clearly and make them stick in people’s minds too.


Book 5: Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy by Martin Lindstorm

5 Must read books for digital marketing

What It Is About: How much do you know as to why someone would purchase your product. Or, do you know why you tend to buy one product over the other? Some might say it is the eye catching logo, others might think it is the compelling advertisement. Martin Lindstrom breaks down purchasing behaviour based on a three year study on more than 2000 volunteers – studying minds, commercials, advertisements, brands and products. Be prepared, his results prove the opposite to what many marketers believe about marketing campaigns for decades. 

Why You Should Read It: Purchasing behaviour is equally important for a marketer to understand what makes his target audience tick. This book dives into the mind of the customer, and knowing your customer is already half the battle won in marketing.

We have shared 5 Must Read Books for Digital Marketing for you to read about. What we recommend now is to pick a title that interests you the most and get into it! Share with us in the comments below on how you found the book, or if there are any other interesting titles that we might have missed out, do let us know too.

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