10 Automotive Digital Marketing Strategies To Drive More Sales

These days, many customers look at ads online before buying a car.  This is usually done by looking at specifications, price and other features. Therefore, it is important for automotive companies to utilise social media marketing. The approach of automotive digital marketing agencies like Palinoia Marketing is to gain the trust of buyers and to provide them with the best.

Digital marketing is now a key tool for various automotive businesses.

Running an automotive business in Singapore is not easy. Furthermore, you might be wondering how to incorporate digital marketing into it. So, here are 10 Automotive Digital Marketing Strategies To Drive More Sales.

Automotive digital marketing is important and demands constant attention to attract clients. As such, managing them is not easy. It requires keen attention and focuses to display your products in an alluring way. Here, we provide you the basic points you need to consider to grow and expand your market. If you would like a more personalised strategy for your automotive business, contact us here for a free consult.


Building Trust

Building the trust of your customer should be the prime motive for any automotive company. For instance, in your automotive company’s website, there can be a tab on ‘Reviews‘. Potential customers can read the review and this can increase their trust in your company.

When a  potential buyer wants to learn more about your automotive company, he/she will tend to read customer reviews. Reading positive reviews will more likely increase your conversion rate.

Adding reviews to your website is an automotive digital marketing strategy you can devise. This is because reviews are honest, impartial assessments from customers about your business.

Sometimes, customers might suggest room for improvement in your goods and services. Despite seeing it negatively, it can actually be a way to highlight the authenticity of the reviews.

Analyse and Implement

When marketing your automotive company digitally, you should analyse how you get your customers. Create a detailed plan and determine where your target market is online. Through constant analysis, you are better able to position your products/services to the right target market efficiently. At Palinoia Marketing, we provide analysis and recommended strategies for all our services here. 

Serving the right target audience will increase your sales and help you achieve your goals.

Get in the top of Google for the relevant Automotive search terms

A customer tends to search online first before purchasing. This is where search engine optimisation (SEO) comes. All you need is to simply include the commonly searched terms (and intent) so that your webpage appears at the top of the results. The top 5 results will get 75% of clicks. Therefore, to get more sales would mean to be at the top of Google’s result page.

To make things easier, let an Automotive digital marketing agency do the SEO for you. So as to increase the probability that your site shows among the top few searches.

On the other hand, there could also be a mix of ads along with SEO. This strategy is used in much automotive digital marketing and proved to be of vital importance. Appropriately structured Google ads and the proper use of organic keywords within the sentences might help. A detailed description of the category of buyers will help you keep your page at the top.

Use targeted keywords

The basic consideration for SEO on your website is using the targeted keywords. For instance, there are many websites related to the automotive industry. To compete with them you have to use targeted keywords. Also, make sure that you are using the correct intensity of keywords in paragraphs. This strategy is often suggested and takes your sales to another level. Automotive Search Engine Marketing (SEM) manages your activities accordingly and runs ads effectively in order to display your website at the top.

Use targeted keywords (And remove negative keywords)

Some keywords are not relevant for your automotive-related ads. If a user who is searching for another term but comes across your ad on Google’s search engine and clicks on it even mistakenly, you will be charged for it. Moreover, it will affect your ad rank adversely due to lack of relevance of the ad. Therefore, it is important to keep track of negative keywords.

Negative keywords will sort this problem out. If you don’t want the irrelevant ads to show up on your automotive website, this strategy will definitely work. Properly managing your negative keywords list will improve your automotive ads performance online.

Address the right customers

Another strategy to drive more sales is to sort people out according to their needs and your product’s features. If you are selling luxury cars, try to address accordingly by highlighting the respective attributes. If you are marketing other types of cars, call attention to the public about the qualities of these cars. Essentially, make sure that your SEO and SEM efforts target the right audiences


One effective way to drive more sales for your product is remarketing. This is a way to get non-converted customers to purchase. For example, you can offer them an additional warranty so as to entice them to purchase from you. You can also display targeted ads to your previous customers.

Adjust Your Price When Needed

Customers have budgets when it comes to purchasing cars. With various car dealers online, consumers can easily compare the prices for the cars and pick the one that is most affordable to them. This is where you should monitor the prices, discounts, free gifts, warranties etc given by your competitors.

Instead of losing your customers to them, you could implement some of these price promotions in order to attract more customers as a result.

Taking advantage of call features

There are many features that Google offers for ads. Through these features, you can allow users to visit your website, search the actual location of your business or permit them to make a call to you. Using such features provides users with a better idea of your product through a better user experience. This strategy should be utilised for any automotive SEM campaign.

Creating Attractive Offers

In order to increase sales, an automotive company should use offers to gain the attention of buyers. If you are selling your products at affordable rates or it has unique attributes you could highlight them. Similarly, you can create discounts for a limited period of time or for a specific group of people

Where to start in Digital Marketing?

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